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HSN is a healthcare company in Haridwar, Uttarakhand (India), established and formed in the year 2007. HSN has established an ultra modern facility as per cGMP standards to manufacture tablets, oral liquid and ointment.

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Dedicated to producing a diverse range of innovative and high-quality healthcare products. Our portfolio includes prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs that address various medical conditions.

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Who We Are

HSN Group is an independent State-of-the-art-manufacturing unit having huge capacity to manufacture million tablets and oral liquids per day. A very competetive manufacturing capacity in any singal unit under good manufacturing practices. We are emerging pharmaceutical firm with an aim to provide the purest form of medicines/drugs at an affordable price. We also understand the responsibility of being part of this industry, where we cannot compromise on quality and standards. Though in our nascent stage, we have emerged out fast and want to pioneer the medical arena with our focus and commitment towards making life healtheir.


To place ourselves on top of this Pharma Industry with innovative approaches and providing top class services to our clients. Further to strive hard to ensure the sustainability through our constant efforts and innovations.


Legacy of innovation i.e. HSN is commited to develop innovative products for the healthcare expert to improve the health and well being of individuals.


We are passionate about improving the standard of living and saving life. We value our work as it is not just health care but it has everything to do with “Human Care”.

Quality Policy @ HSN

HSN Group is one of the largest producers of a wide range of paracetamol drugs in India, holds valuable responsibility for maintaining permanent quality of its products, to be able to make produced drugs available with globally accepted quality and the most reasonable price for patient. In this regards, HSN Companies management defines its top quality policies as follows

Quality & Price

Maximizing customer’s expected values through providing products with suitable quality and price, this assists in reducing their material and spiritual plans and concerns.

Systematic Training

Improving the level of personal skill efficiency and motivating via creating team work spirit in organization continuous and systematic training in all levels of organization.

Continuous Improvement

Continual improvement of quality management system effectiveness and efficiency through continuous monitoring of productivity rate, by means of best globally accepted methods.

Globally Accepted Scope

Providing products with highest possible quality in globally accepted scopes with regards to all legal and spiritual retirements and utilizing production systems based on the latest technologies, such as information and communication technology.

Enhanced Knowledge & Technology

Technical and economic cooperation with Cipla, Lupin, Sunpharma, Apollo Health Care Ltd. And other knowledgeable companies to enhance national knowledge and technology level in Production, Quality and Supply of drugs.

About The Plant


We are totally dedicated to manufacturing of Tablets, Oral liquids, and ointments. Manufacture of such wide range of products requires separate production areas along with separate air handling systems to avoid cross contamination & to enable individualized, efficient & quality manufacturing. Manufacturing and Quality excellence have been a thrust area at HSN. All of HSN’s facilities are GMP Certified for systems.


The production department of HSN comprises of systematically built process area/sections having hi-tech modernized machines confirming to the highest manufacturing demands of quality, speed and precision and manned by technocrats and well trained persons. The main production activity is confined to manufacture of Tablets, Oral liquids and Ointments. These include generic/pharmacopoeia products and Patent products

Quality Assurance

The quality assurance department of HSN Group is amongst those of very few companies who have earned for themselves a niche in the field of national /international quality. This is a consistent Endeavour which is achieved by exercising strict check at each and every stage of on floor manufacturing and packing. All evaluation of procedures and validations are done by the Quality Assurance Department.

Quality Control

The quality control department of HSN is equipped with the latest and most sophisticated instruments and equipments meets to national and international quality standards. The quality tests from the starting raw/packing material to semi-finish/finished products at each and every step as per the Pharmacopoeia standards to confirm the quality and purity. Specifications, standard Test Procedures and Method of Analysis are prepared by QC and finally reviewed and issued by Quality Assurance

Research & Development

We also have in-house Research & Development (R&D) to regulate various formulations hence continuously updating its technology, system as well as the expertise of the employees to advance the cause of medicine.


All raw and packaging materials are received at the stores and separate storages area available for receiving material, under test material, approved material and rejected material. All materials are stored in respected warehouse as per the storage conditions prescribed by the manufacturer


Air handling units are provided for each and every operational area in away to avoid the cross contamination. Each floor has separate air handling unit with the pressure balancing arrangement to eliminate any possible cross contamination of the products. The corridors are also environmentally controlled and are at positive pressure as compared to the individual rooms to prevent any ingress of air/powder from each room to corridors. The individual process area is designed to have a temperature varying from 25 degree Celsius + 2 degree Celsius and relative humidity less than 45% RH. The purified water plant and distribution system are as per WHO norms

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